transmission from floating island

transmission from floating island_mixed media_dimensions variable_2021

<floating island>는 인천 문화예술 특화거리 점점점 소속 팀 예인인력에서 진행한 코로나 19에 대항하는 공공미술형태의 게릴라 프로젝트이다. 마티에르를 넣어 그린 섬 그림을 이용해 행인들에게 탁본을 찍어주고 탁본을 세상에 전하고 싶은 단어를 수집하였다. <transmission from the floating island>는 참여자들의 자필 텍스트를 스캔하여 제작한 영상물과 탁본을 이용하여 구상한 설치작업이다.

words from island

Regards_a letter that sent you / 안부_당신에게 보내는 편지(2018)

Regards_a letter that sent you
Art Space + the necessities of life
안부_당신에게 보내는 편지
예술공간 의식주
2018.11.7. – 18.

canvas, acrylic painting, cord lamps, and bubble wrap
variable installation

AppaXArtist: Walk
single channel video
infinite loop
아빠X아티스트: 걷기

The exhibition initiated by a letter from “Art Space + the necessities of life” where my work had exhibited. The letter asked after me and requested artwork as artworks.

이 전시는 예전에 전시를 했던 예술공간+의식주에서 보내온 편지에서 시작되었다. 편지의 내용은 나의 안부를 묻는 것이었고 작품으로 답장을 요청했다.

the reply to
Art Space + the necessities of life

Thank you for the letter. I and my daughter are OK now. It’s been a year we have met. I remember I prepared the exhibition busily since I was just became a father.

As an artist, being a father is tough indeed. 21 months and I barely get used to it but it was really hard time. The hardest part is co-existing artwork and childcare. As you know, even someone who has a stable job handles it hardly in this Korean society. You can imagine that being a father for an artist is like rising two suns in the sky. That maybe why people give up being parents.

In fact, being parent is truly happy. When I see her smiling face exact same way as mine, it fulfills me more than any work I have done. I am anxious, on the other hand, when I think about my career. Making money for nurturing, I feels like I washed up by the tide. I realized happy and unhappy can be co-existed.

In this tight time physically and temporally, I am trying to continue my work doing some drawing with tablet PC on the subway. I send some work with the reply.

Thank you for remembering me. I look forward to seeing you.




installation view (AppaXAritst)

This exhibition is a part of 2018 exchange program
“‘Gatchi, Gachi’_Space Adyssey : about what not here now”
Seoul Art Space Seogyo

이 전시는 서교예술실험센터에서 진행한 2018년 교류사업
‘같이, 가치’_스페이스 어딧세이: 지금 여기가 아닌것에 대하여
의 일환의 전시입니다.

painting taegukgi / 태극기 그리기

painting taegukki – original
acrylics on canvas
태극기 그리기 – 원본

painting taegukki (still)
single channel video
태극기 그리기 (스틸컷)

painting taegukki
single channel video
태극기 그리기

painting taegukgi – the rag
running shirt
태극기 그리기 – 걸레

painting taegukki(copies)#1-9
wet rubbing with Korean paper and Korean color
32X47cm each
태극기 그리기(탁본) #1-9 순지에 채색 탁본

painting taegukgi
exhibition view

겹의 미학
2016.06.01. – 07.15.
복합문화공간 에무

Yongjin in NY / 영진, 뉴욕에서

Youngjin in Harlem
digital print
영진, 할렘에서

Youngjin in Harlem
digital print
영진, 할렘에서

Youngjin at Blue Note
digital print
영진, 블루노트에서

ticket for Youngjin
영진이를 위한 티켓

Youngjin at Blue Note_single channel_15m35s_2014
영진, 블루노트에서

John Raymond
“Waiting for the Open Door
(Composed by John Raymond)
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