Regards_a letter that sent you / 안부_당신에게 보내는 편지(2018)

Regards_a letter that sent you
Art Space + the necessities of life
안부_당신에게 보내는 편지
예술공간 의식주
2018.11.7. – 18.

canvas, acrylic painting, cord lamps, and bubble wrap
variable installation

AppaXArtist: Walk
single channel video
infinite loop
아빠X아티스트: 걷기

The exhibition initiated by a letter from “Art Space + the necessities of life” where my work had exhibited. The letter asked after me and requested artwork as artworks.

이 전시는 예전에 전시를 했던 예술공간+의식주에서 보내온 편지에서 시작되었다. 편지의 내용은 나의 안부를 묻는 것이었고 작품으로 답장을 요청했다.

the reply to
Art Space + the necessities of life

Thank you for the letter. I and my daughter are OK now. It’s been a year we have met. I remember I prepared the exhibition busily since I was just became a father.

As an artist, being a father is tough indeed. 21 months and I barely get used to it but it was really hard time. The hardest part is co-existing artwork and childcare. As you know, even someone who has a stable job handles it hardly in this Korean society. You can imagine that being a father for an artist is like rising two suns in the sky. That maybe why people give up being parents.

In fact, being parent is truly happy. When I see her smiling face exact same way as mine, it fulfills me more than any work I have done. I am anxious, on the other hand, when I think about my career. Making money for nurturing, I feels like I washed up by the tide. I realized happy and unhappy can be co-existed.

In this tight time physically and temporally, I am trying to continue my work doing some drawing with tablet PC on the subway. I send some work with the reply.

Thank you for remembering me. I look forward to seeing you.




installation view (AppaXAritst)

This exhibition is a part of 2018 exchange program
“‘Gatchi, Gachi’_Space Adyssey : about what not here now”
Seoul Art Space Seogyo

이 전시는 서교예술실험센터에서 진행한 2018년 교류사업
‘같이, 가치’_스페이스 어딧세이: 지금 여기가 아닌것에 대하여
의 일환의 전시입니다.